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Holy Men as a Window into Late Antique Religion

An exploration into how the holy man is they key to understanding late antique religion


Visiting Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms: Art, Word, War at The British Library

A review of the recent British Library exhibition: Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms: Art, Word, War. AUTHOR: LIAM GREENACRE

‘The Norman Yoke’: Uses of the Past During the English Civil War

In this article, Liam Greenacre considers the use of the Norman Conquest of 1066 during the 17th century English Civil War, contrasting the perceived utopian age with the realities of living under foreign rule.

Hull: a History

Kingston-Upon-Hull’s history has been very varied, from establishing the largest travelling fair in Europe to it being one of the worst bombed British cities in the Second World War. This article considers some of Hull’s history, and how this history ties in with its future.

Banners and Blazons: Introducing Heraldry to History.

A whistle-stop tour of Heraldry offers us an improved, clarified understanding of its usage and shows some of the common misconceptions.

Late Medieval England: A Man’s World?

Examining the lives of women in late medieval England, this article demonstrates that a patriarchal society didn’t necessarily mean that women were excluded from popular culture. AUTHOR: MARTHA BAILEY

I Need A Hero: Why Medieval England Needed Robin Hood

Robin Hood is no doubt a famous outlaw, with stories of him popular across the ages. This article explores the romantic imagery in ballads and tales about outlaws and their historical contexts, providing an insight into popular opinion and the fantasies of medieval townspeople,

Katherine Swynford: Her Life and Legacy

Though she has a brief mention in history as the lover and eventual wife of John of Gaunt, who was Katherine Swynford? This piece studies her personal and political life, mapping out her rise in status.

‘An heir and a spare’: a brief history of the royal succession in British history

The problem of succession to the British throne has consistently reared its head throughout history. This article explores different situations where trouble ensued regarding claims to the throne – with some more legitimate than others.

Eleanor of Aquitaine: Why we should not forget the medieval era when searching for our most powerful queens.

The intriguing life of Eleanor of Aquitaine, a queen to be remembered. AUTHOR: JESSICA HARRIS-EDWARDS

The Forgotten German History

A microcosmic study of the German town of Prichsenstadt followed by a deeper analysis into ways German history is studied today.


More than just a mob? The Justice System as a Motivating Factor behind the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381

An analysis of the role the justice system played in relation to the outbreak of the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381. AUTHOR: JESSICA HARRIS-EDWARDS

The Role of Monasteries in the Carolingian Empire

An exciting piece looking at the various ways monasteries were focal institutions for society in the 9th century. AUTHOR: CAITLIN COADY

The History of an Idea: The Paradoxes of Magna Carta in its 800th Year

This weekend we celebrate the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta — but are we celebrating an idea rather than a reality? AUTHOR: LAURA FLANNIGAN