The York Historian is an annually printed history magazine. We aim to give students at The University of York an additional outlet for their historical interests that extend beyond the reach of their studies. We aim for our articles to be broad and diverse. Anything that has a historical focus works for The York Historian – our articles range from modern political history to medieval museum reviews.

The York Historian was established in 2015 and has grown since. Through our work we aim to build a community of passionate and engaged historians that want to push themselves and to learn more. To get involved you can email any of our editing team or pitch an article if you know which period you are writing in. If you are keen to get even more active with The York Historian there are elections for editor roles on the board every Easter.

Every article goes through two rounds of editing. An initial pitch to one of the period editors helps to build a discussion to inform the piece and keep content on the site original. Each finished article is then submitted to the site; at the end of the spring term a selection of that year’s articles are collated into the annual York Historian print edition.

Articles generally fall into period categories, with medieval spanning up until 1450, early modern from 1450 to 1800, and modern continuing from there. Articles that span across periods or themes, or which fall outside of academic norms are, however, encouraged.

Any suggestions and improvements to the magazine and its contents are always welcome, do not hesitate to contact us by filling in this form.

Please note that opinions expressed in the articles published belong to the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of The York Historian or the University of York.

Thank you for visiting The York Historian.

The Board:

Co Editor-in-Chief: Matthew Dillon

Co Editor-in-Chief: Ariane da Silva Palmas

General Editor and Secretary: Fran Rhodes

Medieval Editor: Katie Wilkinson 

Early Modern Editor: Freya Clarke

Modern Editor: Anna Curran