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The European Witch Hunts: A Mass Murder of Women?

The witch trials have been described as a ‘mass murder of women’. This article considers why the gender element to witch hunts has been surprisingly neglected, and what theories are most compelling as to why women were accused of witchcraft than men.

The Fall of the Ancien Régime

The role of literacy, the rising middle class, and the decline of the Church were all factors in the Ancien Régime’s steady demise, this article shows.

‘The Wolf of the Seas’: Thomas Cochrane, Britain’s Forgotten Hero

The British MP and admiral Thomas Cochrane has been somewhat overlooked in history. This article reconsiders his place in continental naval disputes, British history and the wider world.

The Role of Monasteries in the Carolingian Empire

An exciting piece looking at the various ways monasteries were focal institutions for society in the 9th century. AUTHOR: CAITLIN COADY

On This Day in 1929 – The Birth of Anne Frank

A reflection on the life, diary and history of Anne Frank. This article also contains a short review of the Anne Frank Huis. AUTHOR: JULIA KENNY

Challenges to National Unity in Italy, c. 1845 – 1930

Italy faced numerous challenges to national unification in the late nineteenth century. What were they? AUTHOR: AILA BICER