The York Historian Meets: Oleg Benesch

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Oleg Benesch

The York Historian meets Oleg Benesch, Lecturer in East Asian History, specializing in the history of early modern and modern Japan and China. Oleg has several ongoing projects related to the study of Japanese castles, transnational conceptions of martial identity, as well as new projects concerning conceptions of civil society and alternative education movements. With Paul Kerr, Oleg discusses the details of his various roles within the university, and his experiences of academia, from international study to presenting research to various audiences.


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00:00 – Introductions

00:35 –  Oleg’s background

03:42 – Applying for PhD

05:25 – International Officer

07:38 – Popularity of study abroad

10:33 – Study abroad outreach

13:49 – Oleg’s research and public lectures

16:25 – Preparing content for diverse audiences

18:20 – Presenting research

22:44 – Control over research topics

24:13 – Receiving criticism in academia and elsewhere

26:45 – Unfiltered criticism: Useless?

30:04 – Seeking feedback

32:50 – Filtering feedback

35:16 – Preparing for a presentation

37:19 – Citizen Historians

40:50 – Oleg for president?