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Visiting Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms: Art, Word, War at The British Library

A review of the recent British Library exhibition: Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms: Art, Word, War. AUTHOR: LIAM GREENACRE

‘The Norman Yoke’: Uses of the Past During the English Civil War

In this article, Liam Greenacre considers the use of the Norman Conquest of 1066 during the 17th century English Civil War, contrasting the perceived utopian age with the realities of living under foreign rule.

Banners and Blazons: Introducing Heraldry to History.

A whistle-stop tour of Heraldry offers us an improved, clarified understanding of its usage and shows some of the common misconceptions.

Late Medieval England: A Man’s World?

Examining the lives of women in late medieval England, this article demonstrates that a patriarchal society didn’t necessarily mean that women were excluded from popular culture. AUTHOR: MARTHA BAILEY